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Lyric Video INDIAN LAND Presentation and Discussion


Middle Tennessee Music REBELMANN Music Review
You Want Rock 'N Roll - You Want REBELMANN! 

REBELMANN Brand Branches Deeper into Entertainment Branding

Middle Tennessee Music Interview with REBELMANN
A Young Rock-n-Roll Powerhouse

          Stenner Productions Podcast          

Clayton Mann appears in all Southwest Airlines - The Magazine - 
with Gene Simmons of KISS for Rock Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas.

REBELMANN to release single INDIAN LAND May 10, 2015. Be Ready!

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PRLog - April 28, 2015 - LOS ANGELES -- First of all, these teens write their own music, play their own instruments, and sing without autotune or studio trickery! And it is GOOD!! The REBELMANNbrothers!!

This music holds up to any rock record out there and better! ...because these guys are still teens!!

The lead singer and guitarist, Clayton Mann, sounds well beyond his young age, and has a vocal range that holds its own in the arena of rock singers. Amazing power too!

The lead guitarist, and lefty Les Paul player, Johnathon Mann, is an amazing player with a wide variety of styles most notably reminiscent of Slash, with the crying wah wah ripping lead solos over a bed of grinding solid rhythm section filled in by brothers Clayton and Bryce Mann.

Bryce Mann is the drummer and twin brother to Johnathon, and he is a total drumming powerhouse! I hear so many influences young and old that it is difficult to catagorize him into one particular style, though Tommy Lee and Alex Van Halen come to mind...

This song, INDIAN LAND, is quite controversial. It is hauntingly magnificent, both in vocal delivery and musicianship of the MANN brothers. You simply have to hear this song!

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Teenagers Epic Single "INDIAN LAND" to be Released Post Grammys
REBELMANN® delivers bone-chilling Rock 'n Roll original - with the Guitar Solo!

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Clayton Mann: 15 years old
Clayton Mann: 15 years old
PRLog - Feb. 10, 2015 - LOS ANGELES -- INDIAN  LAND  ---

Written by Teenagers.  Performed by Teenagers.  Recorded by Teenagers - Freestyled.   Sung by a Teenager.

Even heavier, the newest single by teen rockersREBELMANN® actually tells a real life, bone-chilling story.  Backed by an errie guitar riff written by Johnathon Mann, INDIAN LAND will have you intensely listening to the storyline from the opening wah pedal to the very end: all 5 minutes and 50 seconds. The bass kick and drum line, performed by Bryce Mann, will send goose bumps down your spine ..... and then back up again.  Youngest brother, Clayton Mann, delivers the vocals unparalled for his age.  Written from the Native American perspective, the three Mann brothers have succeeded in writing an epic song of truth, then doing the more difficult task - putting it to music.

         Truthful.     Moving.    Controversial.    INDIAN  LAND.

Listen for yourself.  Be Ready.  Coming March, 2015 to ITunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

--- End ---

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Unsung Native America - REBELMANN to join Dakota 38 Memorial Ride
A 330-Mile Journey across the Great Plains by Horseback

Simply known as The Dakota 38+2, the largest Mass Execution in the history of the 
United States was ordered by none other than Abraham Lincoln. Native Americans are 
set to journey 330 miles on horseback, over 16 arduous days across the Great Plains, 
to the mass hanging site in Mankato, Minnesota. A journey of healing, reconciliation, 
and remembrance of the executed Dakota 38+2.

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Indian Land by REBELMANN® 2015
Indian Land by REBELMANN® 2015
PRLog - Dec. 4, 2014 - CHICAGO -- The history of the Native American is very selective, especially when it's ugly.  And ugly is an understatement.  We have all been indoctrinated into the big-band, musical themed "cowboys and Indians" movie mantra. You know those movies - The ones of the beautiful Native Americans getting gloriously killed by the brave cowboy guiding his chuckwagon across the prairie; his bonneted bride and blue-eyed children bouncing in the back as he valiantly guides them to a new life in the West. He single-handidly kills the mocha-skinned Natives and their families; and somehow, the whole scene feels a lot better as the big-band, feel-good music plays on in the background. American history - glorified.  American history - selectively taught.  American history - now made "civilized" by that Marlboro-looking man of a cowboy.

THAT contradictory word - "civilized."  The "civilized" systematic killing, and attempted mass genocide, of the indigenous peoples of these United States. That Is the Truth.  Simply put - The Ugly Truth.  The untold story - of the real history - of the Native American, not taught in the history books in order to create a backstory of glorified greatness, by the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson, who like many other past presidents, systematically tried to exterminate, yet failed, the original peoples of these United States.

There is one caveat.  They are still here ..... and alive ..... The Native American.

The First Nation peoples of these United States are not the playbook of mascots Washington "Redskins" owner, Dan Snyder, celebrates like a smorgasbord of homegoods, where back-in-the-day a "bloody heathen scalp" or "Redskin" fetched a remarkable $200.  They are instead, a celebrated people who strive to keep their culture alive, along with protecting the very land their ancestors valiantly died for.

The removal of the Dakota Indians from Minnesota and the upper midwest, in what was, and still is, basically a race war, has left many Native Americans traumatized by these acts of "civilized" behavior. In fact, The Indian Removal Act, later signed by Andrew Jackson in 1830, would further attempt to repress and silence the indigenous peoples of the United States.  In order to annihilate the Native American, the Dakotas were exiled from the Fort Snelling Concentration Camp in Minnesota and marched, or put on cattle trains and river boats, to the Crow Creek Concentration Camp in South Dakota, where bands of the Oceti Sakowin remain to this day. (Yes, you are familiar with this story - the attempted-genocidal, grotesque treatment of the Native American is the basis Adolph Hitler used for the better known attempted genocide of the Jewish people - the Holocaust.)

The Dakota 38 is just one of those selective instances American history has tried to forget.  The very public, simultaneous, mass hanging of 38 Native Americans, for refusing to eat grass and endure mass tribal starvation on their encroached reservation lands, is discussed only in very hushed circles, is not taught in schools, and certainly is not a plaquared moment at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Springfield, Illinois. And certainly not discussed is the digging up of the bodies to use as scientific experiments shortly after the execution.

But the Oceti Sakowin, or Seven Council Fires, do have Mr. Jim Miller, a U.S. Vietnam Veteran and descendent of the Dakotas themselves.  Mr. Miller first organized the annual journey from South Dakota back to their original homelands in Minnesota in 2005. The Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride came to Mr. Miller, who had no prior knowledge of the mass execution, through a series of visions and dreams. The arduous 330-mile memoriam ride, via horseback, commences on December 10th, on the banks of the Missouri River at the Lower Brule' Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Sixteen days later, a ceremonial ending of the ride occurs at the hanging site in Mankato, Minnesota, 10 AM, December 26th.  The mass execution of the Dakota 38 still leaves Native America searching for healing and reconciliation.

It is a ride of remembrance, healing, and honor for the descendents of those who died protecting their women, children, homes, and the very land they were born upon. The Dakota 38 should move all of us to a conversation. A conversation about healing, unity, education, and reconciliation. The Native American deserves their history be told, in full truth, no matter how ugly history has treated them.  It is time we celebrate America's indigenous people and culture, and unlock America's 500 Nations.

They were not only born IN America. They ARE America.

[Writer's Note:  REBELMANN's knowledge of the Dakota 38 came about after visiting Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Wounded Knee in South Dakota, 2012.  The 3 teen brothers will travel to the Lower Brule' Indian Reservation on December 8th to participate in the 330-mile horseback ride to Mankato, Minnesota. Inspired by their story, the teen rock band of brothers wrote their song "INDIAN LAND," and plan on releasing the debut rock single in 2015.]

The Dakota 38 Ride is in need of Donations
Cash donations can be made via check, credit card, Paypal or wire transfer to:

The American Indian Institute - Dakota 38 Ride
502 West Mendenhall Street
Bozeman, MT 59715

For details, contact Gloria Hazell Derby at:

By:  Michelle Boudin, Oct. 1, 2014
WCNC  TV  News - Charlotte, NC

TEEN NATION TOUR in Madison County, North Carolina - Part 1 REBELMANN
Dixie Land Reviews - 9/26/14

REBELMANN - 15-year-old Clayton Mann is the lead singer/rythm guitarist; 17-year-old Bryce Mann is the drummer, and twin to Bryce is 17-year-old Johnathon Mann.  These brothers put on a rock show that can 
stand up to some of the best rockers in the U.S.!  The music they play is somewhat reminiscent of bands such as AC/DC.  These brothers have 10 singles under their belts,and at the young age of just 13, Clayton
was voted into The Recording Academy!  While talking with them, I learned how each and every one of them had been bullied at school. They didn't let that stop them from living their dream.  
See Dixie Land Reviews Article Here.
See Citizen-Times Article Here.

RIVENMASTER's PLACE Features REBELMANN® on Young Treble Talent Website

REBELMANN® Chicago's Rock 'n Rollin Mann-iacs

REBELMANN to Deliver Powerful Anti-Bullying Message on Teen Nation Tour

The Wildly Popular Anti-Bullying Musical Tour brings on REBELMANN
PRLog - Aug. 10, 2014 - CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Clayton Mann, and his twin brothers Johnathon and Bryce Mann, better known as the Chicago rock band REBELMANN, will be performing on the Teen Nation Tour, starting September 22 in North Carolina. Simply hashtagged #TNT on popular social media sites, a new generation of young, talented artists will  deliver powerful anti-bullying messages to student bodies as they travel across the country. Through
artist talks of personal experieces, the Teen Nation Tour delivers a one-and-a-half hour, power-packed, musical program that now has students on social media sites requesting the tour stop in their town, thus confirming the anti-bullying message is resonating with their peers.

Clayton Mann, 14, and lead singer of REBELMANN, personally identifies with the #TNT format.  "Kids our age respond much better to us, as artists'  their age, rather than someone older, say 33, talking at them about something they're not really going through." 

His older brother, Bryce Mann, 17, who happens to be wildly popular with the students on Teen Nation Tour, chimes in.  "Cyber-bullying is nonstop. Because of the internet, kids just can't get away from all the hate once school is out. We're here to tell them, 'Not everyone is going to like you, and that's OK, because you're OK.'  But you have to be strong enough to love yourself, and not really let what others say get inside your head.  There will always be someone who
hates you, or hates what you do.  I've been hated for drumming, for not playing sports, for being in a band, for playing 
live music. But you know what - they're not going to stop me. This is what I do. I like what I do. I'm good at what I do,
and I'm going to keep doing it. There's only one person who can stop you  - and that's you. That's the message we bring to Teen Nation Tour. So we're here to help give kids confidence in themselves.  Be who you are, and be OK with that."

Johnathon Mann brings his message to Teen Nation Tour through a different medium, his guitar. With his mirrored sun glasses and lush, long hair, the lead lefty guitarist is known to play fast and furious on his gold-top Gibson Les Paul. Not as verbose as his twin,
Bryce, Johnathon mesmerizes the students with his guitar skills, as a red-tail Hawk feather sways from his guitar head - a gift from the Navajo.  As he bends his guitar strings into the next stratosphere, Johnathon also knows the sting of being bullied. His long hair has brought many comments of hate, his guitar skills challenged, his band - put down. But he chooses to march to the beat of a different drummer, or at least to the beat of his twin, Bryce.

Johnathon's message to the student body is simple,  "Keep doing what you're doing.  There are
7 billion people in the world - if someone hates you - that's only one person - seriously,
just keep marching."

The Teen Nation Tour has been delivering messages of anti-bullying for 3 years now.  As the tour continues to travel nationwide, it has gained much popularity amongst the schools and student bodies it serves. Throughout the year, #TNT receives many messages of gratitude from both administrators and individual students.  In addition to the weekly school performances, which typically are scheduled twice daily, the Teen Nation Tour also performs weekend shows at various venues throughout the tour. Be sure to follow #TNT, and the #NextGeneration of artists, as they kickoff their schedule
August 28th in Huntington, West Virginia.

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Teen Performance-based Music Tour Highlights the "REAL" in Music

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KEEPING MUSIC REAL Tour featuring Kirsten Sowers and REBELMANN®
KEEPING MUSIC REAL Tour featuring Kirsten Sowers and REBELMANN®
PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 1, 2014 - CHICAGO -- It's all about the Music.  Write It.  Play It. Perform It.  That's the essence of the 3 REBELMANN® brothers playbook.

Johnathon, Bryce, and Clayton Mann are preparing to hit the road again.  This time, embarking on a seven state "KEEPING MUSIC REAL" Tour with budding singer-songwriter Kirsten Sowers out of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Teaming up with Kirsten Sowers, 14, was an easy choice for REBELMANN®.  Having met in 2013, Kirsten, like the Mann brothers, also writes and performs her own music while playing acoustic guitar. At other times, she is joined on stage by a full, live band.

What makes the teen "KEEPING MUSIC REAL" Tour unique?  Well, actually the music itself  -  it's all real.There will be no backing tracks of guitars, drums, synthesizers or otherwise; nor will there be any backline piped in over the PA.  All the vocals will be live, as well as the musical performances, without autotune or any other effects.  REBELMANN® is set to open the 2-hour set with an individual 40-minute performance.  Then Kirsten will join the live band of brothers on stage, bringing her vocal talents, along with guitar playing, to the stage for a combined vocal and musical performance of rocked-up country. Kirsten will then close the 2-hour show with her own individual set, performing both original and cover tunes.

The "KEEPING MUSIC REAL" Tour will continue to hone the young artists' musicianship.  All 3 Mann brothers, as well as Miss Sowers, remain enrolled in weekly guitar, drum, and vocal lessons. They are firm in their belief that "life is real, music should be real too."

Johnathon Mann, lead lefty guitarist of REBELMANN®, said it best when referencing Slash as one of his musical influences, "It's not just what he plays, it's how he plays it.  What really catches me is his phrasing. That's something a computer can't duplicate, the raw performance of live music. It doesn't have to always be perfect, because it's human. That's what makes music real."

REBELMANN® is also in the process of recording their debut album, "INDIAN LAND," in which they wrote all the original songs. Legendary rock guitarist, Bruce Kulick, (KISS and Grand Funk), continues to advise the young band of brothers on all things music. Producer/Engineer Brian Virtue, whose credits include Jane's Addiction, Chevelle, Audioslave, and 30 Seconds To Mars, is also involved in the project.

You can catch up with REBELMANN® on the "KEEPING MUSIC REAL" Tour at

Band Working On First Album
Daily Republican Register
Monday, June 23, 2014

Newest REBELMANN® Single "INDIAN LAND" Expected to Spark Controversy

News of #Epic Single “Indian Land” Hits Top-40 Rock News!

Over 240,000 Headliners Worldwide



 REBELMANN® Lends Equipment to Teen Nation Tour when Group Trailer is Stolen in Dallas
Teen Rock Band of Brothers Perform on Teen Nation Tour 2014

REBELMANN® Brothers: Clayton, Johnathon and Bryce Mann
Theatre 166 Dallas


Saving Green Magazine
January 2014

and Entertainment LA ahead of E.P.

PR Release climbs to over 200,000 Headliner Impressions
REBELMANN to ROCK THE 1 - Sunday, October 13, 2013: 11 AM - 1PM CST or 5 PM UK Time

Listen to Hour 1 of 2 on Soundcloud: 1Radio London, UK Interview
Listen to Hour 2 of 2 on Soundcloud:  1Radio London, UK Interview
See Press Release Here
        October 2, 2013 London, UK       

Sunday, October 13th is set to rock the airways with 3 young members of rock band REBELMANN®. Clayton, Johnathon and Bryce Mann are 3 brothers who founded the band  and have since gone on to record a 3 track E. P. They are currently working on 10 original songs to complete their first album with Timmy Dwayne as the studio bassist.  Mentored by Bruce Kulick of KISS fame and Grand Funk Railroad, and voted Chicago's "Most Talented Teens 2012," they have each selected their favourite tracks for music that has  influenced their writing. REBELMANN® has already backlined Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, and Sebastian Bach at Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas; the famed Whisky-a-Go-Go in Hollywood; the Hard Rock Chicago to the venues of Music Row, Nashville. 

The Music Mix - REBELMANN® Selects - airs at 5-7 pm UK time on Sunday October 13.  join us to hear more from these really talented teens.  

See Full Article Here
See Press Release Here


August 31, 2013

Local rock band, REBELMANN®, has exploded onto the rock music scene with fiery instrumentals and strong vocals 
.  They have caught the attention of the iconic, Gene Simmons, who along with Paul Stanley, formed "the ultimate rock band," KISS. The band and it's rock idol connected at Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp last year, when REBELMANN backlined Gene Simmons. In the past year, a NoiseCreep article about REBELMANN was linked to Gene Simmons' personal website. Mr. Simmons also tweeted at the band to send him their demo, when they acquired about his label.  

REBELMANN is a band of brothers.  Frontman and youngest brother, Clayton, is a young man with a booming voice and powerful stage presence. Twins, Bryce and Johnathon play the drums and lead guitar. Bryce creates his own rythm with his skill and speed on the drums. Lefty lead guitarist, Johnathon, is one of few guitarists who uses his pinky finger when rocking out. Tim Joyce fills in as studio bassist. The brothers are accomplished musicians, write their own music and are committed to "keeping real music alive." REBELMANN's mentor is Bruce Kulick. He played lead guitar for KISS for 12 years.         

Gene Simmons turned 64 on August 25, 2013. KISS is in their 40th year celebration of being a band. They are still performing and making a profound impact on the next generation of rock. "Hopefully REBELMANN will be the next big branding of a rock band," as stated by frontman, Clayton.

REBELMANN has released 3 of 10 singles on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and all worldwide platforms. They also have ringtones available on iTunes. REBELMANN is currently on tour with the Anti-Bullying "Teen Nation Tour." They are playing the Montgomery County Coliseum in Winona, Mississippi. This fall, they are focusing on finishing studio production of the additional 7 original songs and continue to write their own music.

For shows and booking, visit the REBELMANN website.

The Examiner Article Here

Posted on August 13, 201

REBELMANN called in when I was a guest on the Nikki Rich Show on Blog Talk Radio. I so was impressed by their enthusiasm and desire to improve that I kept in touch when them and asked them to be featured artists.

REBELMANN is literally a band of brothers. 13-year-old Clayton is the lead singer and his 16-year-old twin brothers round out the instrumentals: Bryce plays drums and Johnathon plays left-handed guitar.

The band formed after Johnathon started taking guitar lessons and Bryce started taking drum lessons. The two brothers decided to play together and put Clayton as the lead singer. Then, the band took off!

One of the band’s mentors is Bruce Kulick of KISS. They met Bruce at Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. They remain in contact with Bruce even after camp, and he continues to advise the band.

Watch the complete video interview here

Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp is where musicians get to meet and work with their idol rock stars. At the time, Clayton, Bryce and Johnathon were the youngest to attend this exclusive camp. The boys thought the camp was awesome. Clayton says, “It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Definitely.” Since the camp’s positive experience with REBELMANN, they now admit younger musicians. 

REBELMANN has played such well-known venues as Whisky-a-Go-Go, MGM Grand, Hard Rock Chicago, Walter Peyton’s Roundhouse and Music Row. When I asked how they got asked to play at these clubs, they explained, “When you play a lot, people notice you and the word gets out farther and farther. It takes off and people know about you and, like wow, you get put on a show! It’s amazing! When you’re 13 and 16, it’s like ‘Holy Cow!’ Whisky-a-Go-Go LA!”

They’re playing at the Apps for Autism fundraiser on August 17 and the Teen Nation Tour on August 31. You can find out about REBELMANN upcoming events on their website. To REBELMANN, busy is good. Road trips are the “coolest thing in the world.”

REBELMANN primarily uses Facebook and Twitter for promotion. “Social media is a big part of the advertising game right now.” The boys use social media to inform fans about what they’re doing, to interact with people, get to know them and build a fan base. “Play every gig you can, even play a small bar. Three fans are three more fans.” They recommend making live recordings and getting on the radio. When people hear your name, they check out your website, go to your gigs and the word spreads. Interviews, like this one with Amused Now, help get the word out over the internet.

Clayton advises, “Be different and surprise the people. Be original and do something that’s going to amaze people.”  Bryce’s favorite quote: “Stand out. Become what you already know you are.” He explains that some people will try to bring you down, but you have to keep grinding. If it’s what you want to do, don’t let anyone stop you from doing it. Sound advice from such young musicians!

REBELMANN plays mostly cover tunes, but they started producing original music for sale. The entire family contributes to the music and lyrics. Songwriting is about mixing ideas. Clayton describes how even when there’s friction, that friction helps smooth out the ideas. Johnathan added, “it’s like rough drafts.”

REBELMANN Johnathon Mann

Johnathon Mann – Guitar

Their original music is available on AmazonGoogle Play, iTunes and the REBELMANN website. The band has 7 new originals coming soon.

The boys practice by themselves up to 4 hours a day. They take lessons. When they play together in the basement, it’s a rehearsal, in much the same way athletes practice before the game. “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I thorough enjoyed getting to know REBELMANN. I love their youthful wisdom, maturity and manners. They are truly special and talented and deserve their success.

To watch the complete video interview:

Amused Now Featured Artist Series

Cynthia Kahn

Twitter: @Amused_Now

See Full Article Here:   

                REBELMANN to Guest on The Jimmy Star Show Wednesday June 26, 2013                 
Super Talented teen rockers, REBELMANN® to guest on The Jimmy Star Show live radio show Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 from -5 PM ET; 12-2 PM PT at radio.  Visit for details.


PRLOG(Press Release) - June 20, 2913 - Boca Raton, FL - Teen Rockers, REBELMANN®, will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show live radio show hosted by King of Cool, Jimmy Star, along with Cool Man About Town, Ron Russell, to discuss their music, career, and the industry at large.  The Jimmy Star Show is radio's newest hit show, featuring the coolest in music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture, all from a fun industry insider perspective in a completely live, unedited fast-paced two hour conversational format.  SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE.



                        AT CHICAGO HARD ROCK HOTEL 

The IShowcase Music Battle of the Bands at the Chicago Hard Rock left REBELMANN® tied for 1st after the 3:30 a.m. encore!  So the judge literally flipped a coin on stage and calls "heads or tails" for the win. REBELMANN® lost the coin toss, but turned in a stellar performance that had the crowd rockin!  See full articles below.

See Article
See PRLog Submission
See Las Vegas Sun Press Release
Chicago Twikle



In our next installment from last week’s exclusive visit to the Rock ’N Roll Fantasy Camp now based in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel along with a brand new off-site rehearsal studio complex, we bring you one of the most magical moments we'vewitnessed over the years at the camp.  Forget that little more than 24 hours earlier he was performing with KISS back in New York, helping to promote the fantastic new KISS album, Monster. That wasn't on "God of Counselors" Gene Simmons' mind as he worked with musicians from all over the world, as he worked with musicians from all over the world, teaching them how to come up with a new song. The iconic bassist/vocalist was focused on the job as he worked tirelessly to give campers an experience they would surely never forget.

But we’re not sure he bargained for 13-year-old axeman Clayton Mann, a KISS/Simmons freak for about 10 years. He plays in a band in Chicago with his twin brothers, REBELMANN®, but Clayton's mom Julie brought the kids to the camp primarily so Clayton could meet and play with his musical hero. 

REBELMANN® ironcically coached earlier in the week by former KISS guitarist and camp counselor, Bruce Kulick, turned in a nice performance of the 1982 KISS tune, War Machine
,” which Simmons sang on.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  The young and confident Clayton Mann took over over, vamping and jamming with Simmons to a point where Simmons seemed blown away by the kid’s chops and personality.  

Afterwards, Mann told Noisecreep that the Simmons jam was a dream come true and he'd love nothing more than to someday record with the Demon. Regardless of what happens, as you'll see in the video, Simmons was beaming, genuinely impressed with the teens. In a nutshell, this is why we love the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. If you are a musician we cannot recommend this enough - for a full week session or even an hourly one-on-one jam session with a rock idol, it gets no better - as we think the video illustrates.


Gene Simmons & REBELMANN® (Video)
Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas

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See Horns Up Rocks Article
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2012 is a year that the Mann brothers - young rockers from Glen Ellyn who are making waves in music circles - will
never forget.  That's because they got to meet idols Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick of the band KISS in October at the
Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp held in Las Vegas.  REBELMANN impressed everyone, said Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp founder
David Fishof, who inveted the brothers to attend the camp where famous musicians mentor aspiring ones.  As part of
the experience, the brothers played at the Rouge Bar at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

                        Paradise City/Thunderstruck Cover (Video)          
                                                                 Rock ’N Roll Fantasy Camp, MGM Grand, Las Vegas 2012

"It was an indescrible feeling to have dreams come true. I was nervous and I was trying to take it all in. I was in awe," said Clayton Mann, the 13-year-old frontman of the band REBELMANN. His bandmates are 15-year-old twin brothers, drummer Bryce and guitarist Johnathon.

"Gene - he was so out there and honest with you.  He would act like he'd known you forever," Clayton said.  "Bruce was funny.  He taught us about showmanship.  We met so many people, everyone was really nice.
“They were amazing,” Fishof said.  “Musically they were great.  I just love their stage presence. The lead singer, he follows (the style of) Gene Simmons and dis such a great impression of him. I think that Gene was blown away when he saw the talent they had. "

See Full Daily Herald Article Here

    Bruce Kulick and Johnathon Mann


Ever since Glen Ellyn resident Clayton Mann was 4 years old, he could be found singing alongside Elvis albums.  Now, at 13, Clayton is the singer of rock band REBELMANN. 

Clayton teamed up with his 15-year-old  twin brothers, Johnathon and Bryce, and their 14-year-old bassist, Johnny Fruit of Glen Ellyn, to create REBELMANN. Johnathon leads on the guitar with his left-handed skills, while Bryce pounds out his talent on the drums, and Clayton has the spotlight on the microphone.  When J
ohnny Fruit isn't around for shows, Tim Joyce of Villa Park, 46, steps in.

The four teen musicians have come a long way since they first started. Last year, REBELMANN won the "Most Talented Teens" award at the 2012 Chicago Music Awards, and recently competed again for the coveted honor.  REBELMANN also earned a debut nomination for the Emerging Star Award at the 32nd annual Chicago Music Awards, which took place in mid-January.  See My Suburban Life Article




At Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp, Bruce Kulick of KISS fame and Grand Funk Railroad is
assigned REBELMANN's rock counselor.  Not only is Bruce a class act A-list rockstar,
but he becomes REBELMANN's personal rock mentor after attending Camp. 
REBELMANN got to jam with Richie Kotzen of Poisen, Sebastian Back of Skid Row,
Lita Ford, Kip Winger and other famous rockstars, all spearheaded by CEO David Fishof.
See Bruce's blog about his relationship with REBELMANN.

See Bruce's Blog about REBELMANN

THE TREND TRIBE by: Kadi Prescott

Kadi Prescott of The Trend Tribe blogs about the “wickedly talented” Clayton Mann and his brothers, Johnathon and Bryce Mann at Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp. 

"Upon entering the lobby, I was immediately greeted by the hard-core voice of the young and wickedly talented Clayton Mann, rehearsing in one of the many impressively equipped studios with his fellow teen band members and brothers. Clayton, Johnathon and Bryce Mann, aka 
REBELMANN, were just three of the campers in attendance who had the pleasure of rocking out with the great Gene Simmons.”   See Full Article Here.




    REBELMANN®  to play the opening party at the Best Western at the top of
    Music Row on Thursday, October 4, 2012, and again at the festival
    Masquerade Gala on Saturday, October 6, 2012.

    See Nashville Scene


    (Saturday, January 21, 2012) - A benefit concert for the Wabash Valley College Basketball  
     program   will be hosted by the Mt. Carmel American Legion on Friday, January 27. 
     Opening the show will be the REBELMANN group out of Chicago followed by the
     Classic Kings.  REBELMANN consists of brothers Clayton, Johnathon and Bryce Mann.

     See Daily Republican Register

Friday, January 06, 2012) - The 31st annual Chicago Music Awards honors the city's best entertainers from all genres during a night of performances from established melody makers and up-and-coming acts. The three teen brothers of rock group REBELMANN energize the audience before switching stage space with Sugar Blue, a Grammy Award–winning harmonica virtuoso who honed his skills while playing along to Bob Dylan records and crafting an enormous collection of blown-glass figurines. The evening will also include songs from the six top finalists in this year's highly competitive Chicago Emerging Star Contest as a group that boasts a 13-year-old rapper, a 10-year-old musical prodigy, and a male R & B group competes for a cash prize and a solid-chocolate microphone.

REBELMANN Featured On GroupOn Chicago Deal
Tuesday, January 03, 2012) - Awards-ceremony performances, such as REBELMANN, give audiences direct insight into how the winners earned their spot at the top, unlike dry best-of lists or the inaugural pool parties that mark most presidential elections. See just enough evidence of talent with today's GrouponLive deal to the Chicago Music Awards at The Club in Burbank on Sunday, January 15 at p.m. Doors open at  6 p.m.



The band has continued practicing and performing to reach their goal of being rock stars.
They recently returned to the Elbo Room, performing at Bobby McGee's in Chicago,
Riley's American Cafe in lombard and other events and venues. 

In addition, a Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter came to Chicago for a week
in November to work with REBELMANN.  He booed the band into a Chicago studio to
work on their first two singles - "Up All Night," and "Kick In The Door," according to
Julie Mann.  Mann said the band's two singles are set to be released on iTunes on
New Year's Eve.

REBELMANN will start the new year on stage - they've been invited back to the
Whisky-A-Go-go to perform on Dec. 31.  The band also said good-bye to one member. 
Grant Mason, the 14-year-old bassist, left the group.  "He is a big skate/snowboarding
kind of guy," Mann said.  "That is his first love."

Instead, Tim Joyce, a 45-year-old musician from Villa Park will play bass on
REBELMANN's first two singles.  

On the web, check out the band's YouTube channel at
or their MySpace page at

Copyright 2011 Winfield Press.  Some Rights Reserved.
See My Suburban Life Article


Four young musicians from Glen Ellyn took their talent to a famous Hollywood venue
in October to bring classic rock to an audience of music-lovers much older than themselves.

Members of REBELMANN — 14-year-old twins Bryce and Johnathon Mann; younger brother Clayton Mann, 12, and friend Grant Mason, 14 — were contacted by a booking agent to perform at Whiskey a Go Go. Since opening in 1964, the West Hollywood concert venue has hosted rock bands such as The Doors, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin. The venue’s website calls REBELMANN  “the youngest band to ever jam at the legendary Whisky.”

The four boys attend Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn and also took the stage this year at the Elbo Room in Chicago, state and county fairs, the Taste of Glen Ellyn and other local bars and restaurants.

Celina Denkins, Whisky a Go Go’s national talent buyer and senior booking agent, told the Glen Ellyn News in September that the boys were chosen to perform at the suggestion
of an older band called Death and Taxes. The Mann boys’ mom, Julie Mann, sent the lead singer links to YouTube videos.

“There’s no doubt the youngsters have talent... I love giving young bands an opportunity to perform such a
legendary venue,” Denkins said. “It’s always great to have Alice Cooper on the Whisky stage one day and a
12-year-old with a dream to be on Alice Cooper’s level the next.”

The young band started in fall 2009 when Johnathon and Grant were paired together by their guitar instructor for a recital. Julie Mann, the band’s “momager” said the boys haven’t missed school for their gigs, and she sees the band as an extracurricular activity.  Like many local musicians, they hope to someday be on posters on every kid’s wall and own private jets. But for now, they just dream about getting to stay out past 1p.m.

“I don’t want to be a geek in business,” said Bryce, the group’s drummer. “I want to be a rock star.”

See My Suburban Life Article
Tuesday, December 27, 2011)
By Sara Smith,
Glen Ellyn News
Posted Dec 27, 2011 @ 02:35 PM


(Thursday, December 15, 2011) - The band REBELMANN with brothers Clayton Mann, 12, and twins Bryce and Johnathon, 14, practice in
the family living room in Glen Ellyn.  The band recently produced a pair of singles and will play the famed Whisky-A-Go-Go in West
Hollywood on New Year's Eve.  REBELMANN, a band from Glen Ellyn, plays the rablle-rousing, big-hair rock music of the '70s and '80s.
It covers bands like AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses, KISS, Deep Purple and Poison.

"You guys feelin' funky?" lead singer Clayton Mann shouts out to the crowd on a recent Sunday at Bobby McGee's in Chicago Ridge. "How about some Grand Funk Railroad?"

"Yeah!" the crowd yells back, as Bryce Mann starts banging the drum intro to "American Band," followed by his twin, Johnathon,
on the guitar.  That's hardly the type of music one would expect them to play, given that none of them were around either decade.
Clayton is just 12, whil his brothers are 14.

But hey, that's what they love, say the long-haired brothers whose offstge politeness falls away for a raucous good time onstage. 

See My Suburban Life for Full Article
See My Suburban Life Photos
See My Suburban Life Article

(Wednesday, December 14, 2011) - REBELMANN:  WHY WE LOVE ROCK

See Daily Harald/REBELMANN Video,AAAAAGLvCOU~,K_spvtxyxDTc3q2Xv2oNkIYku4IbzsK_&bctid=1328270491001


Tuesday, October 25, 2011) - Hadley Students and Home-Grown Rock Stars Team Up to Help Others

Hadley language arts teacher Hillary Shumate's students were inspired by their Caring Classroom unit to organize a service organization called HOTSA, Helping Others Through Student Activities. For its first activity, the club chose a fundraiser for the Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center, an after-school program for at-risk elementary students housed at Abraham Lincoln School. HOTSA students first visited the GECRC to learn more about the center. Their fundraiser soon followed: an after-school event featuring REBELMANN, a band whose members are Hadley students. Overall, the students raised $288 in the first of what the students say will be a series of events. "I have never had an experience like this," said Ms. Shumate of her students' eagerness to help others and motivation to make the world a better place. "Students sold over 80 tickets and many kids donated even though they couldn't attend the concert. HOTSA is now planning a party to celebrate our first event and make an oversize check to deliver to the GECRC."

Thursday, September 29, 2011) - By Sara Smith,
Glen Ellyn News, Posted Sep 29, 2011 @ 11:21 AM

On a recent Thursday, four young musicians with big dreams took the stage at the Elbo Room in Chicago. With a logo stating the band’s name, REBELMANN, on their fringed vests and T-shirts, the four brought classic rock to an audience of music-lovers much older than themselves. Like many local musicians, they hope to someday be on posters on every kid’s wall and own private jets. But for now, they just dream about getting to stay out past 1p.m.

After all, the three brothers and a friend who make up Glen Ellyn-based REBELMANN range in age from 12 to 14, but that doesn’t stop them from playing for 21-and-over audiences, and it definitely doesn’t stop them from trying to follow their dream of being rock stars. While many kids might have hopes of being famous, these four may be on the way to making that happen by playing state and county fairs, the Taste of Glen Ellyn and local bars and restaurants while their mom, Julie Mann, serves as their “momager,” booking gigs in the suburbs and beyond. “I don’t want to be a geek in business,” said 14 year-old Bryce Mann, the group’s drummer. “I want to be a rock star.”

In addition to Bryce and his twin brother — guitar player Johnathon Mann — the group also includes their 12-year-old brother, Clayton Mann, who serves as lead singer and plays rhythm guitar. Their friend, 14-year-old bassist Grant Mason, rounds out the group.

The four boys attend Hadley Junior High in Glen Ellyn and have performed together for more than a year. Their most recent show at the Elbo Room in Chicago proved to be the favorite of almost everyone in the band. Not one of them was close to legal drinking age, but the bar’s stage allowed the four to work together — and there were light and smoke effects. The show was also the group’s first paid gig. “The energy felt really good,” Grant said.

Next week, the four will take their talents to the west coast for a performance the famous Hollywood rock venue, Whisky A Go Go. The venue has hosted rock bands such as The Doors, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin since it opened in 1964.
REBELMANN will perform at 9:3p.m. Tuesday.

Celina Denkins, Whisky A Go Go’s national talent buyer and senior booking agent, said the boys were chosen to perform at the suggestion of an older band called Death and Taxes.
“There’s no doubt the youngsters have talent... As a booking agent of all generations coupled with my personal belief of fostering music for youth as a positive emotional, mental and physical outlet, I love giving young bands an opportunity to perform such a legendary venue,” she said. “It’s always great to have Alice Cooper on the Whisky stage one day and a 12-year-old with a dream to be on Alice Cooper’s level the

When REBELMANN members were contacted by agents from Whisky A Go-Go, they couldn’t hold in their excitement. “We were jumping up and down,” Clayton said. “I posted it on Facebook and got like 400 ‘Likes.’” Before the show, Julie Mann said the boys will get red carpet treatment — getting their hair and makeup done. The band started when Johnathon and Grant were paired together by their guitar instructor for a recital. The boys have played instruments for anywhere from one to three years. “I used to be in sports, but I gave it up because I would rather be (playing in the band),” Johnathon said. Julie Mann said the boys haven’t missed any school for their previous gigs, and she sees the band as an extracurricular activity. “Just as other kids would spend time training for football, hockey or otherwise, their band practices and gigs would be an equivalent,” she said. “And we always stress safety first.”

The band members practice solos every day and take weekly music lessons, but they had to move their practice sessions from the garage to the living room after neighbors started calling police with complaints about the noise.

The name REBELMANN was thought up by mom Julie, who said it was difficult finding a name that wasn’t already used. And to make sure no one takes the name in the future, REBELMANN and its logo of red and blue guitars and wings was accepted by the Federal Trademark Registration on Sept. 13. “The idea came because they are these young rebels playing this classic rock,” Julie Mann said.

As a parent to three of the boys in the band, Julie Mann plays many roles. She’s the roadie — helping to take down equipment and pack up instruments for gigs. She works with booking agents at venues and she also makes sure the boys attend their religious education classes and get their homework done on time. “I don’t get nervous when they’re on stage. I know they’ll push through anything,” she said. “But I think it’s novelty that they are so young and they’re putting on these shows for 21-year-olds."  On stage, the boys play classic rock, such as songs “Thunderstruck,” “Slow Ride” and “Back in Black.” “I like classic rock,” Johnathon said. “Modern bands are boring, in my opinion.” In addition to doing cover songs, the group will release its first single at Whisky A Go Go— a song they wrote called “Up All Night.”  “It came pretty natural and easy,” Grant said about the song.  Julie Mann said once the boys got the initial guitar riff for the song, a light bulb went off in their heads and the members built the single from there.  “It’s about touring across America,” Julie Mann said. And that’s exactly what the band members hope to do in the future.

Once they return from California, the boys plan to write more of their own songs.  “(In 10 years,) I won’t be drinking or smoking, but I hope there are REBELMANN posters on every kid’s wall,” Clayton said.  Bryce said he also hopes to be on tour, and his twin Johnathon agreed. “I could see us in Europe, just finishing U.S. tour and (going international) and the crowd will be cheering ‘REBELMANN,’” he said. “I can’t see myself doing anything else.”  On the web, check out the band’s YouTube channel at or their MySpace page at

Copyright 2011 Glen Ellyn News. Some rights reserved


(Wednesday, September 14, 2011) - REBELMANN Performs at Elbo Room
Photos by Matt Piechalak

Rebelmann, a group of four junior high kids from Glen Ellyn, perform on Thursday,
Sept. 15 at The Elbo Room, 2871 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. Three of the four band
members are brothers.


(Thursday, July 28, 2011) Day two of the 2011 DuPage County Fair featured pig races,carnival rides, musical group REBELMANN, and much more. The band “Rebelmann” performs. Band members include Glen Ellyn residents Grant Mason, 14, on bass, Bryce Mann, 14, on drums, Johnathon Mann, 14, on lead guitar and Clayton Mann, 11, on vocals. The band will also be playing at the Illinois State Fair next month and at the Whisky Go Go club in Los Angelos this October. 

See Daily Herald Article/Pictures

(Monday, July 25, 2011) - Performing in the Entertainment Tent on Thursday 7/28 at 2:30pm and Friday 7/29 at 2pm

Rebelmann is a young band from Glen Ellyn, IL but high on raw, natural talent. The band was recently selected via the internet to open for Death&Taxes CD promo release party in LA and Vegas in early August. Jay Link, frontman for Death&Taxes’, goal is to promote young rock-n-roll by helping young artists. Only 11, Clayton Mann’s big vocals bring crowd pleasing performances that draw the audience into the act and belies his age. With his twin brothers, Johnathon and Bryce, on lead guitar and drums respectively and their buddy and bassist Grant Mason backing him up, this young band is sure to be worth your while in entertainment. You can also catch them at the Illinois State Fair August 18th on the Northwest Stage.


(Tuesday, June 21, 2011) - AG DAYS

Ag Days August 3-6, 2011.  Brady Amusements, Little Miss, Variety Show, REBELMANN,  The 222 Band, Sonic Pioneer, The Duke Boys,
Gospel Night, Food, Games, Lemonade Shake-Ups, call 262-5116 for info.  


(Friday, June 03, 2011) - Addison, IL — JD Muggs in Addison will host an outdoor show featuring local bands, with proceeds benefiting the Addison Township Food Pantry.

The event begins at p.m. Saturday, June 18 at JD Muggs, 437 S. Addison Road in Addison.

The food drive will feature an outdoor show featuring three local bands: Rebelmann, Tall Order, and Full Throttle CGO. Admission is a $5 donation toward the food pantry or two non-perishable food items or hygiene items.

Copyright 2011 Elmhurst Press.  Some rights reserved.

Friday, June 17, 2011) - Pride of the Fox Riverfest rolls into St. Charles Friday
By Denise Moran For The Courier-News June 8, 2011 8:04PM

ST. CHARLES — This weekend’s 29th annual Pride of the Fox Riverfest will include longtime favorites such as the dragon boat races and the water ski show, along with a host of new activities.

The festival runs Friday through Sunday.

“Last year, we had an attendance of about 30,000 due to inclement weather,” said Justine Shaw of the Riverfest planning committee. “This year, we anticipate about 80,000.”

All venues, except for the main stage, are open from 1a.m. to p.m. on all three days. The Harris Bank Main Stage will be open from 6 to 11 p.m. on Friday, noon to 1p.m. on Saturday, and noon to 1p.m. on Sunday.

Other bands scheduled to play on the main stage include 2010 Battle winner Subway to Venice, Home Wreckers, Howard and the White Boys, Libido Funk Circus, 7th Heaven, Thunder Road and Hi-infidelity. From noon to 3:3p.m. on Sunday, the American Roots Music Series/Original Songwriters will provide area musicians with the chance to perform their own material at a public venue.

Shaw said that the fest is known throughout the Fox Valley and Chicago area as a premier free music fest that offers three days of live music. The 2011 Battle of the Bands lineup includes Marengo Overdrive, Six String Crossing, Rebelmann, The Giving Moon, Fade Resort and Wings of Summer. The winner of the contest will be the opening act on the Harris Bank main stage.

For more information, call (630) 444-7460;

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Blogger, Louise, features REBELMANN's new Reverb Nation page,
on the headlines of The Cookie Daily, August 2, 2012 edition.


(Sunday, February 19, 2012) - Battle of the Bands at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois.
Join this worthy cause as a portion of the proceeds go to the "Smile for Steve" foundation
benefiting brain cancer awareness.

Greg Smith blogs about the 2013 Chicago Music Awards. REBELMANN is nominated in 
both the “Emerging Rock Star” and “Most Talented Teens” categories.

See The Greg Smith Daily


Mary Coffey, of Edison Middle School Wheaton, blogs REBELMANN@, 2012.

See Edison Middle School Newspaper


 Blogger features REBELMANN with THE Gene Simmons at Rock Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas,
October 12, 2012. REBELMANN was honored to be the backline for Mr. Simmons as he

fronts "War Machine." What a day!

See The Crazy Cookie Daily
October 19, 2012