The R E B E L L I O N
        IS HERE!


Ms. Valente Grant of WBDN Network and the Chicago Examiner stops by to vlog about us, REBELMANN®, and how it all began.  This is our mom, Julie Mann, as she talks about the very beginning - literally.  Most people don't know that Bryce and Johnathon, 16, are twins, and were born almost 8 weeks early.  Both were declared physically deceased by the doctors 8 hours before they were actually born.  This is the beginning......this is us....... 

I Birthed A Band ..... Literally! (Part 1)

08/20/2013  -

We all have a responsibility in life to give back.  There is always someone in need, who has less than we do.  4Humanitees brings awareness to social injustice
around the world, in every culture, religion, region of this world.  We are ALL humans. That’s what the Native Americans called themselves - humans. WE ARE ALL HUMAN.  Let’s all help each other, be kind, change and inspire others.  We have one trip around the sun.....make it a happy one - for everyone.
05/26/2013 - Release of “Up All Night/The American Way,” Beth Borski, US Army Military Police, & Indy 500

Today we went to our first Indy 500 at the storied Motor Speedway in Indianapolis.  It’s a big place and we needed to park.  So of course you just pull up and park at someone’s house, right?  We pulled in Beth Borski’s driveway, just pulled in like we had been there a million times.  Instantly, her friendly all-American personality just hits ya!  She offered us whatever we needed from her home and treated us like she had known us forever.  Beth is a veteran, Military Police - out of Fort Campbell, KY.  She served her country - she served for all of us, asking nothing in return.  It’s Memorial Day - the day to honor all our veterans, past and present, like Beth.  So we played Beth the “Soldier Verse” from our new song coming in June, "Up All Night/The American Way.”  She liked it!  This one is for you Beth - for  all of you!  

“Don’t forget our soldiers across this land - Down at Arlington across Afghanistan -                     They’re our true heroes, here for you and me - They’re the very reason
                                           .....were the land.....of the free!”

                                                  Thanks Beth!  Thanks to all our veterans!
                                        "Up All Night/The American Way"
                                                                                   by:  REBELMANN®, All Rights Reserved


We wrote the song, "State of Mind," because of being bullied fo playing rock music.  It's about doing what we want without prejudice or judgement, so long as it doesn't harm another person.  Why put down and try to destroy people for doing something that doesn't fit your mold?  So we raise our hats to those that hate us! Thanks for inspiring a great rock song!  #REBELMANN! 

  10/11/12 - ROCK 'N ROLL FANTASY CAMP       
       Hosted by:  David Fishof and Gene Simmons  
                   MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

Meet and jam with Gene Simmons of KISS! 
Meet and jam with Sebastian Bach of Skid Row! 
Meet, jam, and be coached by guitar great, Bruce Kulick!

Meet Richie Kitzen, Lita Ford, Phil Soussan, Rudy Sarzo, Zakk Wylde, Kip Winger, Fritz, John Moyer and all the hot rock 'n roll Fantasy Camp chicks that work there!  Not to mention being shuttled in private fans from the famed MGM Grand Hotel on the Strip to Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp headquarters filled with multiple studios to jam with the best of the best!  There's lunch too with all the pros and gallons of rockstar coffee.  We got to perform at the Rouge Lounge and be escorted out by security right after we finished and then jam again on the casino floor.  Nope - it wasn't legal, but they worked it all out!  Anything goes with rock 'n roll!


Gene Simmons & REBELMANN


Kulick whipped our butts into rockstar shape for 3 solid days from 10 AM until 8 PM every night to prepare us for our performances. Viva Rock Fantasy Camp! Live It, Learn It.....LOVE IT! ROCK-N-ROLL!! Thank you David Fishof - CEO OF Rock Camp and David Clontz - President!!
Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp


If you want to play in a band, even a rock band, you have to play Nashville. And if your asked to play there, it's an honor to be there. Music Row has history. It is what it is - Music Row - an entire street of venues to play all day and all night, a musician's paradise. Plus it's peppered with all the big record labels, songwriters, managers, and the who's who in music in the Heartland. So here we are, asked to play rock-n-roll music in Nashville, but not the way we're used to playing it, which is on electric guitars. You see, in Nashville, you play acoustic. So we have to strip down the music to an acoustic version. Honestly, at first we kind of moaned about it, but then we got it. Just the acoustic guitars, the bass, and the snare. It has a different sound, but the raw sound of just the music and singing has a different kind of magic. And this is what Nashville is all about - the magic. So we're headed to Nashville in October. And to boot, we're meeting hit songwriters too. So Nashville here we come, and hopefully we'll get the Nashville nod. It's an honor to be there and to play there, in the lights of Music Row.


Today is a note about the Native American and why we wrote the song "INDIAN LAND."

Did you know - we are all just one generation away from what happened to the Plains Indians.  Even in the 1960s, the American Indian child was removed from their reservation and taken to schools to be made “more white.” These little kids never saw their moms and dads again. They were not allowed to speak their Lakota language, or any other American Indian language, and made to forget their Indian heritage.  Their story is truly untold, even in the history books. They are the forgotten people of America. Today, many elderly American Indians still freeze to death on the reservations, and food and housing is shared by sometimes up to 30 people in one house. The broken promises and treaties have almost made these great people extint of their heritage and their very lives.
                                                So REBELMANN wrote their song:

 It's called ..... INDIAN LAND ..... because truly ..... aren't we all living on ..... INDIAN LAND.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - South Dakota, USA - American Prisoner of War Camp #334


Today, we get the honor and privilege of jamming Chicago's ow
n Washington Park on the city's southside. This is a huge event put on by Martin International, Mr. Ephraim Martin. This festival celebrates the worldwide African, Caribbean, and Jamaican culture. Best of all, REBELMANN® is honored to be invited to share the International Stage with some of the best artists in Reggae, R&B, Gospel and the Blues. Rock was birthed from the blues, so we respect how we got here and these great artists.

06/21/2012 - BEHIND THE MUSIC

First day of Summer! Hey REBELz.....whats up? We're starting to write our 8th single, but we haven't even released the first 7 singles yet. Crazy huh....Why is that? It's because we write all of our own music - ALL OF IT! What does that mean? That means we have to lay down a really cool sound on the strings, then develop it. Then we have to match the lead guitar part with the rhythm of the music. Sometimes Clayton comes up with the new sound to develop, or even Bryce. Then we start to write all the versus and come up with a chorus. It's hard. Bryce then has to write the drum beat. Then Clayton, who plays rhythm guitar and sings lead, has to go back and write the part for the bass guitar. It's a lot of work. Then when we basically get it, we have to jam it over and over again, because it's never right the first time, not even the second or the third time. The more we play it, the better the music gets, the more it develops. Johnathon then has to write his guitar solo. We have one song, "Load Your Guns," where Johnathon's shredin' the strings for a couple of minutes. When you have to write and play your own music, there isn't a computer behind you to fill in the blanks. The music just doesn't roll over every 20 seconds. We have to keep it on time ourselves, all in rhythm with each other. Bryce has to hold the beat on the drums to a certain time for the rest of the band to follow. So we gotta jam it over and over that when we play it for the REBELz....its REBELz 4 Life!  

                                    MUSIC IS FOREVER - NOT JUST A MOMENT!
                                             Bryce, Johnathon, and Clayton Mann #REBELz