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Voted into The Recording Academy at 16-years-old. 

 Freestyled "INDIAN LAND" in studio from 86 bpm to 106 bpm without a click, all 6 minutes.
Rock Icons:  Bryce respects all musicians' capabilities, regardless of playing level.

Interests:  Bass fishing, target shooting, lifted diesel trucks.


Bryce Mann is REBELMANN's pounding drummer. He is just one minute older than his fraternal twin,Johnathon.  Also born 8 weeks premature and in critical condition, Bryce weighed in at a hefty 4 pounds.

Bryce and Johnathon remained inseparable for many years. Both boys were educated in the same class room through grammar school, and activities were always performed together. Sports were a favorite, including baseball and football, but especially hockey. On the ice, Bryce scored his first hat-trick at 8-years-old.

Bryce began taking piano lessons in the 4th grade with his siblings.  He was also a member of the Hadley String Orchestra, playing the cello. It was when Johnathon starting taking drum lessons, that Bryce eventually wanted to tag along.   As Johnathon began to progress more on guitar, Bryce began to progress more on the drums, and they found themselves playing together. It was during Johnathon’s first guitar recital that a drummer and lead vocalist were needed. Bryce and Clayton stepped up to the plate, and the 3 of them were grouped as a “band,” playing together for the first time in front of a crowd. That was in 2010.

Today, Bryce remains under the tutelage of his original drum instructor, as he has for the past 5 years. He continues to study drumming technique, paradiddles, dynamics, and intonations. Recognized for his drumming precision and style, Bryce was recently endorsed by Scorpion Stix Percussion, a maker of drum sticks out of Chicago. He currently plays the 5B Immortal Series, and has now acquired his own line with his name imprinted into every stick; a fan merchandising favorite.

Bryce is also an accomplished drummer professionally in the studio. When laying REBELMANN® originals, Bryce is able to hold tempo for entire performances, and can lay a track in just 2 takes, the first being the scratch track.   More impressively, on REBELMANN® original, “INDIAN LAND,” the entire 6 minute song is freestyled, as Bryce walks the tempo from 86 bpm to 106 bpm as the song progresses; thus setting the tone for his brothers on guitar and vocals. The new single is set to be released later this year.  Bryce sings lead vocals on REBELMANN® original, "Load Your Guns," and also sings background vocals.

Bryce is currently home schooled through at the University of Nebraska with his twin, Johnathon. He is a fishing aficionado, with bass fishing being his favorite. All 3 boys take frequent trips to the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, especially at Clayton’s insistance. Real Tree is their favorite brand there, along with the homemade fudge. Bryce also enjoys target shooting, and is an avid supporter of the U.S. military. He holds a part-time job at the local sandwich shop – assembling sandwiches and bringing home a few to his brothers. Lastly, as twins, Bryce ands Johnathon pine for complimentary 4 x 4 diesel trucks with chrome smoke stacks and lift kits.