The R E B E L L I O N
        IS HERE!

Teen indie rockers, REBELMANN®, are working on their debut album, INDIAN LAND, with the title track scheduled for release
in 2015. 
 The young band of brothers from Chicago write, produce, arrange, and perform 100% of their own music.

Because of their musical accomplishments, REBELMANN® was voted into The Recording Academy in 2013.

REBELMANN® is built around the 3 Mann brothers.  Clayton Mann, 16, fronts the band with a powerful voice that belies
his age.  His brother, Johnathon Mann, 18, performs blistering solos on lead lefty guitar, while his twin, Bryce Mann, 18, pounds it on drums.  

REBELMANN® is influenced by arena rock acts KISS, AC/DC, and Guns 'N Roses.  REBELMANN® has backlined Gene Simmons and Sebastian Bach at Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp Las Vegas; rocked the famed Whisky-A-Go-Go on Sunset Strip, the Hard Rock Chicago, to Music Row Nashville. REBELMANN® was voted “Most Talented Teens” at the 2012 Chicago Music Awards; placed 2nd at the Hard Rock Chicago Battle of the Bands; and placed 3rd in the Best of the Midwest Battle of the Bands, 2013. 
 REBELMANN® has been a touring artist on the anti-bullying Teen Nation Tour in 2014. 
Clayton Mann: Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar
Johnathon Mann: Lead Lefty Guitarist/BGV
Bryce Mann:  Drummer/Singer/BGV

REBELMANN® has also rocked the famed Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip, West Hollwood when talent management recruited REBELMANN® to jam the legendary venue New Year’s Eve 2011 to open for heavy rock hitters, LA Guns.    

High on raw, natural talent, along with trained musicianship, Clayton Mann brings big vocals along with crowd pleasing performances that draw the audience into the act and belies his age. Fans range from the youthful to the savviest of long-time rock fans. Clayton’s ability to get the crowd to respond, sing along, and just downright have a conversation with him on stage makes REBELMANN
’s stage presence surprisingly powerful and entertaining.

It is with the desire to play "real" music, that the Mann brothers chose the name of their band - REBELMANN®.  The name "REBEL" was chosen because they play "real" music - no computers, no backing tracks; and "MANN," well because that is obviously their last name.  In addition to their band name, all 3 brothers helped design their trademarked crossed-guitar logo.  With the clashing lefty and righty guitars, the broken strings represent the brothers' hard-hitting sound of
rock 'n roll.  Johnathon added the 'electrical sparks' around the guitars, Clayton the barbed wire, and Bryce, the wings
 as a nod to the history of rock 'n roll.


Up All Night© 2011, All Rights Reserved. Released June, 2013.
Kick In The Door© 2012, All Rights Reserved. Released June, 2013.
Come On Everybody© 2012, All Rights Reserved. Released June, 2013.
Indian Land© 2012, All Rights Reserved.
Can't Change My Way© 2012, All Rights Reserved.
California Mann© 2012, All Rights Reserved.
State Of Mind© 2013, All Rights Reserved.
South SIde Of Heaven© 2013, All Rights Reserved.
Long Black Limousine© 2013, All Rights Reserved.